PARK SL 190.30


This is an excellent watertight joint proofing system made of highly modified PVC, and overlaps made of aluminum, stainless steel or galvanized steel. Covers can be installed directly onto the reinforced concrete slab or to the concrete overlay layer.

We can also offer solutions that can be easily employed from 20 mm to 70 mm gap. Joint perfectly compensates construction movements, horizontal up to 30 mm and vertical up to 20 mm. This solution is recommended when concrete top floor is too thin for groove or when no grooves were provided during concreting. The profile can be installed in the overlapping or aligned version. Elastomer is glued to the surface using special activators, primers and renowned companies’ adhesives designed in lab conditions.

This solution guarantees watertight and solid connection between elastomer and concrete. Elastomer is also protected by aluminium metal to increase adhesion and protects elastomer from mechanical damage during exploatation. No expansion bolts are required for the joint’s installation, which allows it to installed near the expansion edge without damaging it.

SL 190.30 CV

SL 190.30 W

SL 190.30 N

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