Mulberry Alu Expansion Joints.

Case study, Tesco Weston Favell.

The works had to be carried out overnight with a very small timeframe but also had to keep the shop floor open as much as possible to allow overnight restocking.

Liquid-Applied Waterproofing

Case study, Langdale House. Clerkenwell

We had to remove the existing matting, prepare the metal deck and lay the new walkway surfacing whilst keeping access open to the residents who …

Liquid-Applied Car Park System

Case study, Broomfield Hospital, Chelmsford

The car park being directly outside of the A+E department there was a need to keep the noise, dust and smell to a minimum but also keeping the car park open for as long …

Liquid-Applied Car Park

Case study, Tesco Extra Ferndown.

The  up and down ramps were included in the scope, but traffic couldn’t be diverted causing logistical problems to overcome. The existing concrete deck required extensive repairs …

Liquid-Applied Waterproofing

Case study, The Pool House, Parkside Gardens.

We had to install a system that could achieve a high thermal performance but not increase the height of the existing building due to planning restrictions, however due to the …

Bituminous Warm Roof System

Case study, Snaresbrook Crown Court, London

Due to the court still being open and large sensitive cases going on we had a strict timescale to meet, we then had to meet the extra constraints of Covid working ...

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